Horticultural Perlite

Aztec Perlite specializes in creating Premium Horticultural Perlite

Rooting & Seed Starting

Perlite improves rooting and seed starting by creating a perfect mix of oxygen and water.

  •  Using Perlite encourages root development & growth
  •  Perlite provides a sterile environment
  •  Perlite is excellent for stable temperature control
Small terracotta pot with a small green plant starting
Greenhouse with a dirt path and bench in the foreground surrounded by plants

Growing Medium

Horticultural Perlite is used to enhance growing mixtures by increasing aeration, hydration and draining.

  •  Perlite is an extremely lightweight additive
  •  Prevent soil compaction by using Perlite
  •  Increase moisture retention without soaking

Green Planting

Using Perlite is environmentally conscious because Perlite is a naturally occuring renewable resource.

  •  Green roofs are implemented with lightweight Perlite
  •  Perlite is chemically inert and safe to use
  •  Sustain the environment using renewable Perlite
Dark colored house in the countryside with white trim and a grass and plant covered roof
Rows and rows of lettuce growing in white elevated hydroponic environment


Hydroponic planting with Horticultural Perlite is becoming increasingly popular because of the benefits of Perlite:

  •  Inexpensive to use for hydroponic planting
  •  Horticultural Perlite is sterile and pH neutral
  •  In ideal conditions, Perlite is reusable

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